Unemployed man wants job – shock!


Sol Campbell - from The Sun.co.uk

"Hi - I'm here for my job interview...?"

Rumours abound that former England defender Sol Campbell is “interested” in a move to Manchester United.  Gasp.

They’re more than rumours, the man has come out and said it himself: Campbell keen on joining United – BBC Sport.

Why is this news?  What it boils down to is: ‘Unemployed man wants job’.

Sadly it is symptomatic of the British media (usually on the receiving end of many brickbats only some unfairly).  They have pages to fill, copies to sell and nothing else to write about.

Yes, it ties in with the fact that anyone at Old Trafford who has defended as much as an argument is crocked.  Campbell is at a bit of a loose end after walking out on the Notts County ‘project’.  A case of two plus two equals five if ever there was one.

There are far too many media outlets willing to lap this stuff up though.  Campbell, despite his recent heel-kicking is still a ‘name’ and Manchester United are about the biggest name in football you can get.

Media budgets are being slashed to the bone.  Investigative, in-depth sports journalism is about as rare as a Heskey hat-trick.  When a story that includes two massive names walks in and plonks itself on your desk what’s not to like?

You see it everywhere.  Recently sacked at Wycombe, former England manager (for a game!) Peter Taylor has “declared an interest” in every job going from Notts County (them again) to Ipswich assistant to the Sally Army shop down the road from me looking for volunteers on a Wednesday afternoon.

Of course he has – he’s unemployed!  It’s a non-story but we, the punters lap it up.  In this internet age we’re desperate for every rumour, hint, clue and possibility that may or may not be happening.  We all know that if every club signed all the players there were “linked” they’d all have 500-strong squads.

It’s not news.  It might sometimes serve our media outlets better if they twisted the old adage: No news is… not news!