What is Thoughtsport?

Thoughtsport is a new blog – but reading this you already knew that.

This blog will cover everything sporting – though mostly football (soccer to those outside the UK) and cricket – with the occasional bit of tennis, F1 or whatever else takes my fancy.

Why?  Well – I was bored of reading the same old stories from the same old people.  Journalists have papers to sell so hype-up even the smallest story to an irritatingly needless degree.

Sports TV have hours of screen-time to fill so repeat themselves over and over and over…

And worst of all – all sports journalists have careers to think about:  friends to make and, more importantly, keep.  They cannot say what they really think; ask what the question we’re all thinking – when they know a step in the wrong direction means a trip to Coventry from the agents/PRs/players?

The aim with Thoughtsport is the elevate comment on sport above the screaming tabloid headlines and ‘Sensational exclusives’ to something more considered, more cerebral and with more thought.

More thought on sport.  We’d love to hear what you think too.


What do you think...?

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